Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope for the Asian Journal of Innovative Research in Social Science:

The Asian Journal of Innovative Research in Social Science (AJIRSS) aims to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of social sciences. AJIRSS welcomes original and innovative research articles that explore various dimensions of social science disciplines with a particular focus on Asian societies. The journal's scope encompasses, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Sociological Perspectives: The journal invites research investigating social structures, institutions, and processes, including social change, social stratification, social inequality, social movements, and social behavior patterns within Asian societies.

  2. Cultural Studies: AJIRSS welcomes studies that examine cultural practices, beliefs, values, traditions, and their impact on individual and collective identities, social relations, and cultural transformations across Asian communities.

  3. Anthropological Inquiries: The journal encourages research that explores the diverse cultural, social, and historical aspects of Asian societies through ethnographic studies, archaeological investigations, linguistic analyses, and other anthropological approaches.

  4. Political Science and International Relations: AJIRSS seeks contributions that analyze political systems, governance structures, policy-making processes, political behavior, and international relations dynamics in Asian contexts. Comparative studies involving Asian countries are particularly encouraged.

  5. Economic and Development Studies: The journal invites research on economic theories, development strategies, globalization, economic policies, sustainable development, and regional economic integration within Asian economies.

  6. Psychological and Behavioral Studies: AJIRSS welcomes research investigating psychological processes, individual and group behavior, attitudes, personality, cognitive processes, and mental health issues in Asian populations.

  7. Education and Social Work: AJIRSS encourages studies focusing on educational policies, pedagogical practices, curriculum development, educational technologies, social work interventions, and community development initiatives in Asian contexts.

  8. Gender Studies and Social Justice: The journal invites research that explores gender dynamics, gender roles, gender equality, and social justice issues related to various marginalized groups within Asian societies.

  9. Environmental and Sustainability Studies: AJIRSS seeks research that addresses environmental challenges, climate change, natural resource management, sustainable development, and environmental policies in Asian regions.

  10. Methodological and Theoretical Advances: The journal welcomes articles that discuss innovative research methodologies, theoretical frameworks, and interdisciplinary approaches to studying social phenomena in Asian contexts.

AJIRSS aims to promote interdisciplinary research and encourage contributions from diverse perspectives to enhance understanding of social issues and foster social innovation within Asian societies. The journal welcomes empirical studies, theoretical analyses, critical reviews, case studies, and policy-oriented papers that make a significant scholarly contribution to the field of social sciences.